Hola accused of selling bandwidth to hackers

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Hola accused of selling bandwidth to hackersThe virtual private network service “Hola” has been accused of selling its users’ internet bandwidth to cyber criminals. This bandwidth is then used in botnets by the criminals to launch cyber attacks. Hola has millions of users, making the network rich pickings for cyber terrorists.

The founder of the anonymous internet imageboard “8chan”, Fredrick Brennan, has claimed that there has been internet traffic on his website from Hola users. Brennan has stated that this access was then used to launch cyber attacks in the form of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, taking the site off line. Apparently posts from the perpetrator appeared on 8chan claiming that access was gained via Luminati which is Hola’s free premium service.

When Hola is installed by a user, that user effectively becomes an endpoint for the VPN, therefore other Hola users may exit through that internet connection and assume the IP. In an effort to deny responsibility, Hola has said that users agree to terms which openly state that Hola can make use of the user’s IP address.

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