Hotel chain loses credit card data to hackers

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Hotel chain loses credit card data to hackersLuxury hotel chain Mandarin Oriental has recently confirmed that 45 of its hotels in Europe and the US have been hit by point-of-sale malware. This has resulted in the loss of credit card data, the extent of which is not yet confirmed.

A spokesperson for the chain explained, “While the group has leading data security systems in place, this malware is undetectable by all anti-viral systems,” reports the BBC. Security experts have been brought on board to discover how the software was implemented to begin with.

Security expert Brian Krebs believes the breach dates back to the 2014 Christmas period and was spotted by tracing a series of fraudulent payments back to the hotels’ systems. Although there is no reason to believe that any personal details were stolen with the credit card numbers, Krebs believes the card numbers alone will be worth a lot on the black market, given that the clientele of Mandarin Oriental hotels are more likely to have high or no-limit credit cards.

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