How to protect yourself against ransomware

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How to protect yourself from ransomwareRansomware is increasingly the modus operandi of choice for cyber criminals, and organisations of all sizes are at risk – including individual users and their home computers. So how can you stay safe and prevent the dreaded denial of access to your most precious assets? Industry experts agree that a fairly short list of simple, straight-forward practices and habits can go a long way towards preventing a ransomware attack.

Firstly, and perhaps this is a no-brainer, back up all your important data. However, choose a safe location separate to your network – so either to an off-line location to the Cloud, as some ransomware can lock down your back up storage as well. Secondly, train your staff to delete unknown or suspicious emails which is the most common way of implanting malware. Thirdly, plug vulnerabilities in third party applications and plug-ins, and whitelist programmes which are allowed to run. Lastly, when you’re hit, shut down the network and disconnect any infect programmes from the wider system. This step should include disabling wi-fi and Bluetooth as well.

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