INTERPOL uncovers pervasive ASEAN cybersecurity flaws

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INTERPOL uncovers pervasive ASEAN cybersecurity flawsA major international cyber taskforce led by INTERPOL’s Cyber Fusion Centre and involving private sector organisations as well as investigators from the major Southeast Asian countries discovered widespread systems failure across the region. This included thousands of malicious Command and Control servers and hundreds of compromised websites – among them several government portals. Identified threats included malware, ransomware, phishing and DDoS, with a vast number of affected sites being drafted into the service of botnets.

This kind of cross-border, public-private partnership is becoming increasingly necessary, and is certainly to be welcomed in terms of developing cooperation on these matters. What is alarming is the number of glaring failures in security from the top down in the region. Experts have been warning that cybersecurity standards are not up to scratch across the South East Asian region for a while – this exercise only serves to highlight the problem.

According to the report, what it also highlights is the need for a more proactive and preventative approach to cybercrime, rather than merely waiting for victims to come forward; plus the necessity for more cross-jurisdiction cooperation and organisations’ understanding of different legislative requirements and regulations.

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