Is it dumb to be smart?

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Is it dumb to be smart?Sometimes we seem to invent things just for the heck of it. relishes the task of exposing the risk of having everyday household devices linked to the Internet of Things.

It asks, for instance, whether it is essential to be able to start your shower while you are still in bed? Is it vital to have a rubbish bin that opens and closes when you tell it to? How has humanity survived until now without a hair brush that listens to your hair, counts brush strokes and gauges pressure on the scalp? Or a patio umbrella that moves automatically to block the sun? (Ok, granted, that is pretty neat and would save us from back-breaking shuffling every hour) Or a Velux window that opens and closes according to the weather? (That’s a full time job in the British climate.)

While none of these innovations pose a huge security risk, they do introduce potentially hack-able items into the home. And with most consumers not changing factory setting passwords, these smart devices can all too easily be drafted into nefarious cyber work.