Keep tabs on your phone

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Keep tabs on your phoneThe great smartphone dilemma is whether to opt for safe and boring or insecure and interesting. Anyone in possession of an all-singing, all-dancing mobile should make sure they are fully aware of its vulnerabilities and take preventative measures.

Most people keep a treasure trove of valuable data on their phone, but leave it unprotected – apart from a fingerprint scan or four-digit passcode. Various phone-makers are currently addressing this issue. If you happen to be a secret agent, the answer is to go for the Boeing Black – which stores all sensitive information remotely and will even self-destruct, Mission Impossible-style, if anyone tries to interfere with it. Similar but more prosaic solutions are gradually becoming available for less rarefied users. The downside is that more security features generally result in fewer bells and whistles.

As always, it all boils down to user attitude. If you make sure apps are up to date, steer clear of dodgy links, keep your phone to yourself and avoid insecure Wi-Fi you should be okay. If a house or car is left unlocked, someone will eventually plunder it – the same principle applies to mobile phones.