Let’s play in the cyber war room

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Let's play in the cyber war roomUS tech giant IBM has opened a new security facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as part of its $200 million global investment in cyber security. As a counter to the growth in high-profile malicious hacks on both private and public sector organisations, IBM is setting up a ‘Cyber Range’ state-of-the-art war room to give corporate executives the chance to test out their response to cyberattacks. Whilst access to the range will likely be prioritised for IBM customers, the company plans to enable anyone wishing to test their resilience and skills to have a go – and for the time being, it’s free of charge.

IBM has recently acquired a number of Cambridge-based cybersecurity companies and now generates $2bn from its security division worldwide. With the volume of international cyberattacks growing at an alarming rate, IBM’s shift from hardware to security software and services is well-timed and much-needed.

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