Mac Flashback trojan infecting 600,000 computers

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Mac Flashback trojan infecting 600,000 computersAs the usage of Macs is on the incline, so are the number of viruses out to infect them. A recent report conducted by Russian antivirus company Dr. Web has found that over half a million Macs are infected with the Flashback trojan, which poses as a Flash Player installer and disables Apple’s automatic updating mechanism for its system-wide malware application. This means that once your computer is infected, you’ll never be informed and you’ll be open to future attacks.

Whilst most of the infected computers are in North America, it’s fair to say that this type of bug will go worldwide and quickly. Mac users often don’t think they’re at risk, but as cyber attacks become more common daily, it’s very likely that hackers and virus creators have millions of Mac users in their sights.

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