Madison Square Garden hit by hackers

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Madison Square Garden hit by hackersHackers have harvested credit card data from sports and entertainment customers of the Madison Square Garden Company. The attacks, which were found to have been going on for a year, took place across the numerous venues owned by the company, and are thought to have exposed millions of customers’ names, card numbers, expiry dates and verification codes, plus the data held on magnetic strips on the back of their credit cards.

Considering the high profile nature of both the venues and the individuals frequenting them, it’s safe to say there may be some serious financial consequences to this hack.

This incident, alongside other high profile 2016 point-of-sale attacks on Oracle and Hyatt, only serves to highlight the vulnerability of PoS (Point of Sale) systems and the urgent need for better security. PoS vulnerability is a serious threat to customers and to retailers’ business operations, especially when considering recent Visa and EU regulatory changes and the rise of contactless payment methods.

If you collect customer payment details, make sure you’re aware of your legal obligations to customers and their data security, and ensure you have insurance in place for the worst case scenario. We may be able to help, so visit our website for more info.