Malware used to withdraw millions from ATMs

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Malware used to withdraw millions from ATMsGone are the days of elaborate masked bank heists and dramatic getaway chases. Now is the age of the electronic bank heist, cyber attacks which steal millions of dollars quietly and discreetly, and obscure all trails of evidence behind clever coding. But, it appears, a combination of daylight robbery and cyber crime works just as well.

A recent case occurred in Taiwan, where investigators suspect two Russian hackers of breaking into a domestic bank’s ATMs systems using malware and withdrawing something to the tune of $2m in the country’s first recorded case of its kind. Various potential routes into the ATM system have been proposed, including remote access via cellphone or through social engineering via the bank’s staff. The three malware programmes used all affected the ATM machines and caused them to dispense large amounts of cash. Taiwanese investigators have been joined by security experts dispatched from the ATM supplier, hoping to prevent similar cases from happening in the future.

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