Mass roll-out of encrypted emails soon?

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Mass roll-out of encrypted emails soon?Some of the biggest players in internet technology have collaborated to develop encrypted email, aimed at preventing so-called MITM attacks – man in the middle hacks. Experts from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, amongst other leading technology firms, have are proposing a more modern take on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which hails back from the 1980’s and is widely viewed to lack the strength to withstand today’s cyber risks. There have been initiatives since, but a combination of programming weaknesses and lack of across-the-board implementation has meant that emails have largely remained unencrypted.

The proposal suggests a rather radical solution to the issue by preventing emails from being delivered in case they cannot be delivered securely. The fact that this proposal is being backed by tech giants around the world could mean that we’ll soon be sending and receiving encrypted email across all servers.

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