Medical marijuana users file suit against Health Canada

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iStock_000011009467XSmallHealth Canada are facing a law suit after allegedly mailing letters to 40,000 people – and identifying them as participants in the Medical Marijuana Access Program.

The action was filed in Vancouver by local resident Jason Wilcox on behalf of all Canadians who had been implicated in the security breach.

The law firm representing those affected said,”From what we understand, and of course this will be confirmed in the action, 40,000 people who were participants in the medical marijuana program had their private health and personal information breached by them or released by Health Canada when Health Canada sent out the letters with the medical marijuana return addresses on them”.

This has breached participants’ confidentiality rights but also has put them at risk in terms of personal safety and security.

Prior to this event all correspondence from Health Canada were sent via private courier and did not include the word ‘marijuana’.

Those suing Health Canada explained that they had to deal with difficult situations due to family, friends and colleagues seeing the incriminating return address.

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