Microsoft fall victim to another hack attack

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shutterstock_170445095A Microsoft blog has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army shortly after two of its Twitter accounts and another blog were attacked by the same hacking group.

The Microsoft Office blog had just been redesigned before it was targeted by the hackers who posted a screenshot of their work on their Twitter feed. These hack attacks were used to post pro-Syrian government messages and criticisms of the firm.

Several articles appeared on Microsoft’s site with the title, “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army”, before being removed.

After the attack the corrupt hacking group addressed Microsoft’s attempt of fixing the problem by sending a tweet to Microsoft which said: “Changing the [content management system] will not help if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about it.”

The group had previously used Twitter to warn the company that more attacks may happen after some of Microsoft’s social media sites were compromised earlier in the year. The SEA said: “We didn’t finish our attack on @Microsoft yet, stay tuned for more.”

In a statement issued by Microsoft they said, “no customer information had been compromised”.

The company also confirmed that at the time of the earlier attack a small number of employee email accounts had been accessed by the SEA.

Screenshots of conversations between Microsoft executives were tweeted by the group.

Microsoft said that the accounts had been “reset” and have urged people to take care online.

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