Middle East hacker targets US electrics

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The hackers, who are rumoured to be state-sponsored and Iranian in origin, have attempted to launch Industrial Control System (ICS) attacks on America’s electrical supply industry – adding weight to warnings issued by Dan Coats, President Trump’s latest Director of National Security – that the US utilities sector is likely to be a prime target for future cyberattacks by hostile foreign regimes.

Fortunately, this latest attempt to penetrate the US critical infrastructure system was relatively unsophisticated and easy to detect. The attackers used off-the-shelf hacking tools and watering hole attacks that prey on unsuspecting website visitors – rather than the specifically-designed and targeted malware favoured by more technologically advanced threat actors.

Read more at https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/2/us-electric-utilities-targeted-suspected-state-spo/