NCSC winning the war on phishing

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phishing - fish hook with a credit card on white computer keyboardThe UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has foiled a number of attempted phishing exploits; including ones purporting to be from the NHS, HMRC and other high profile and respected brands. Phishing emails encourage recipients to open malicious attachments containing malware or to log in to bogus sites which allow the attacker to harvest personal and financial data or release malware.

Amongst its successes, NCSC has blocked nearly three quarters of a million bogus NHS phishing emails and taken down over one hundred thousand phishing sites during its first year of operations. It also eradicated 75% of government-related phishing sites within 24 hours. The UK now suffers just 3% of the world’s phishing attack, down from a previous 5%.

The NCSC, which benefits from its close association with the spooks at GCHQ, has received praise from a variety of sources – mainly for doing the simple things well and acting as an effective cybersecurity role model for both private and public sector organisations.