Net security undermined by Minecraft

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Net security undermined by MinecraftInternet supersleuth Brian Krebs has devoted ‘hundreds of hours’ to tracing the origin of the botnet that took out his blog last year – along with Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Talk Talk and the Post Office.

Krebs reckons the Mirai botnet behind the DDoS attacks, the largest in internet history, can be traced back to rivalries in the Minecraft community. Now owned by Microsoft, Minecaft is the second best selling online video game of all time.

This theory is supported by the head of ProxyPipe, a security company that provides Minecraft servers with net security. He claims that Mirai was launched by a rival firm that also offers DDoS protection to Minecraft users. If true, it’s a fascinating story of how personal vengeance gets out of hand and ends up blowing up the world… well, the internet anyway. Maybe there’s a Hollywood movie on the horizon?