New EU regulations offer greater data protection

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EU regulations offer greater data protectionSignificant changes lie ahead following a vote by the European Parliament to approve the General Data Protection Regulations. These new rules will come into effect in the summer. A revision of Data Protection legislation has been long overdue as the current regulatory framework came into being at a time when internet usage was in its infancy.

Greater accountability, much harsher penalties, user control and improved transparency are the hallmarks of these new rules. Significantly, data breaches must now be made public within 72 hours, unlike the current regulations, which allow organisations to keep stumm on breaches. Regulations reach beyond Europe as the rules apply to any company handling the data of EU citizens even if they are not based within the EU. Whilst this is great news for consumer rights activities, the legislation is complex and remains untested, and the impact of these changes will unfold slowly over a period of months and years.

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