New Samsung operating system fails security tests

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New Samsung operating system fails security testsSouth Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has had its fair share of problems recently. Apart from its phones catching fire and its boss winding up in jail, it seems that the vulnerabilities in its smart TVs, phones and watches are getting worse rather than improving.

Israeli researcher Amihai Neiderman has identified as many as forty zero-day vulnerabilities in its Tizen operating system, which runs on millions of Samsung products – including its soon-to-be-launched smart fridges and washing machines. Neiderman claims that the code is badly written and easy to hack – going as far as likening it to the work of a graduate intern rather than a doyen of Samsung’s product development team (which one would expect to be involved in this size of project).

Samsung states that has been in touch with Neiderman and is keen to work with security experts around the world to improve any flaws in its systems.