New UK cyber intelligence centre being kept busy

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New UK cyber intelligence centre being kept busyNot even a year into its operations and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which only launched in October last year, has already dealt with 480 incidents. These have ranged in magnitude from 29 major episodes such as the WannaCry attack (which ranked as a C2 – almost a C1, the highest risk level) to 451 smaller attacks generally aimed at individual organisations. The UK suffers an average of 60 cyberattack hits each month.

NCSC, which is part of the GCHQ security and intelligence organisation, is predicting that cyberattacks will continue to rise and increase in magnitude; as attack tools become ever more easily procured and organisations persistently fail to take adequate preventive measures.

Following last year’s US election hack, the NCSC has joined the ranks of security and intelligence organisations worldwide accusing Russia of driving the growing number of politically motivated incursions – either to destabilise the political order or to steal government secrets.