New York beefs up its cyber defences

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Network and connection technology concept with New YorkIn the best 21st century thriller traditions, a mysterious new organisation called NYC Cyber Command (NYC3) is now working night and day to protect New York’s unwitting citizens from cyberattacks. Set up just under a year ago, the new cybersecurity agency has assembled a small, hand-picked team to fight the ever-growing hacking menace.

This $30 million initiative mirrors a similar operation in Los Angeles – the Cyber Intrusion Command Center. As America’s two largest and highest profile cities, New York and LA are prime targets for malicious actors – but also have the necessary resources to establish strong anti-cybercrime units.

The two security agencies offer their services free, in contrast to the private sector policy of haggling over the price before taking any action. As well as the myriad existing threats, new technology such as ambulance drones and driverless cars will offer fresh hacking opportunities. One of NYC3’s new initiatives is a mobile phone app to help users stay safe online.