News site’s security breach walk-through

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News site's security breach walk-throughOnline tech newshound spends much of its time reporting on other people’s hacks. In a reversal of roles, it recently received a tip-off that its own security might be compromised.

Eager to practice what it preaches, Wired immediately put a fix in place, cleared the data from the affected pages and invalidated everyone’s passwords. Wired also alerted all its staff and external contacts, in case they were using the same password elsewhere.

While confident that its two-factor authentication and hashed passwords keep all its data secure, Wired has made a point of implementing – and describing in some detail – a full cyber security reset; partly as good housekeeping and partly as an example to its readers. We certainly think it’s a great read, as it’s only too common for cybersecurity issues to get muddled in technical jargon and overly complex concepts. To see the various response and protection processes applied ‘IRL’ makes for a valuable lesson.