NHS website exposes users to malware

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NHS Trust could be hit with one of the ICO's largest fines yetMore than 800 pages on the NHS offcial website experienced a coding error which redirected users to harmful websites.

In a statement, the NHS said its site had not been maliciously attacked and that it had fixed the problem. The NHS explained in their statement, “an internal coding error has caused an incorrect redirect on some pages on NHS Choices since Sunday evening.”

Reddit user Muzzers said he had stumbled across an infected page while he had been browsing for information about the flu – he flagged up the error on Reddit, a social news website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text . “Digging a bit deeper I found hundreds more pages which redirect to either an advertisement or malware infested page,” he wrote.

Users trying to find details on dementia, pregnancy, vaccinations, mental health and other areas also found themselves sent to the malicious pages.

The fault allegedly occurred due to a typo within the NHS website’s source code.

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