New malware snares with faulty font rendering

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New malware snares with faulty font renderingHackers like nothing better than laying a trap for the innocent computer user, then sitting back to watch them fall into it. We imagine it a little like a Hollywood ‘black hat’ film crossed with the slobby dude from Jurassic Park with a bag of popcorn thrown in. Anyway. The latest example uses JavaScript to change normal text into complete gobbledygook and then encourages users to download a ‘fix’ – which is, of course, riddled with malware.

Be on your guard – whilst it may not sound hugely sophisticated, someone has clearly been preparing this thoroughly, as the attack has an authentic look about it; using the correct Chrome branding and colour scheme. It also manages to evade detection by most antivirus scanners.

Users should look out for subtle warning signs – such as a notification message stating ‘this file isn’t downloaded very often’ or the slightly blurry pixelated pop-up box. Also, the download file lacks an official Google icon.