Obama’s Cybersecurity plan receives lukewarm response

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Obama's Cybersecurity plan receives lukewarm responsePresident Obama’s new Cybersecurity National Action Plan, or CNAP, has received a lukewarm response from industry commentators. The criticism focuses on the relatively basic information included within the plan, as well as the common sense proposals made, which many argue should already be in place. Overall, the plan is said to lack specific details, which some feel serves more as a reflection of how vulnerable the American network actually is. For example, the recommendation of employing two-factor authentication by all government employees as well as the private sector is seen as a rather underwhelming inclusion in a plan meant to address the new generation of cyber security risks.

However, the plan also includes the promise of $3.1 billion towards updating and protecting current software and computer systems, including the creation of the role of Chief Information Security Officer to oversee and manage the process. Despite the apparent lack of detail in some areas, CNAP is seen to be the official recognition of the importance of the issue of cyber security.

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