Office 365 gets security thumbs up

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Office 365 gets security thumbs up Around 60 million businesses have adopted Office 365 as their cloud-based office suite of choice. While its in-built security features are viewed in a positive light, they can also be augmented with add-ons.

The specific characteristics that customers favour include Active Directory – which is easy to integrate with in-house systems and can now be managed internally or externally. Furthermore, by adopting the Enterprise Mobility Suite on top of Office 365, users can authenticate a variety of apps into a single user database.

Two-factor authentication and edge protection – provided by either Office 365 or a third party – are also easy to integrate; likewise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). While cloud-based systems are less prone to system failure, backup tools are still essential and are available as part of Office 365 or alternatively can be bolted on.