OnePlus hit by data breach

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Security concept - data protectionChinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has admitted that 40,000 of its customers have suffered credit card losses as the result of a breach to one of its systems. The accident-prone handset company has responded swiftly to the incursion; eliminating the malicious script, quarantining the compromised server and tightening up security in general.

While OnePlus phones are proving to be a credible rival to the iPhone on functionality, price, and style, its security record is less impressive. Last summer, due to a software glitch, users found their phones were rebooting if they made an emergency call. It was then revealed that OnePlus was harvesting personal data without permission and had also offered hackers easy access to its phones via an insecure debugging tool.

It appears that the breach has only affected credit card transactions between November and January – PayPal seems to have remained immune. OnePlus has apologised and is offering victim’s credit monitoring for a year.