Operation Icarus’ impressive tally

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Operation Icarus’ impressive tallyThe hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ have lived up to their threat of making May the month of ‘Operation Icarus’, targeting 18 financial institutions in one week alone this past month. The peak of their current activity seems to have been on May 18th with 8 websites taken off line. Their trademark DDoS attacks have been corroborated by several social media posts published by known affiliated hacker groups and individuals.

Affected institutions are located around the globe, from France to Chile, Kuwait and the Philippines – including several US Federal Reserve branches and the New York Stock Exchange. It remains to be seen whether attacks will let up next month, but regardless, it seems Operation Icarus has been a resounding success for the collective.

Read the full story at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/opicarus-ny-stock-exchange-us-federal-reserve-many-financial-institutions-attacked-by-anonymous-1560836