Russians infiltrate US utility network

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The temperature in the cyberwar between the USA and Russia has ratcheted up another notch. It now appears that a state-sponsored Russian hacking team penetrated the US electricity network in 2017 – and may still be lurking inside it. This gives them the potential to inflict multiple power failures. The… Read more »


Indian smart phone scammers pose as Russians

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A small number of smart phone users in India have fallen victim to a highly-targeted malware attack by being conned into downloading an open-source mobile device management (MDM) software package onto their iPhones. The attackers, who are based in India but are masquerading as Russians, have been operating since 2015… Read more »


Investors back new medical cybersecurity outfit

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The healthcare sector has suffered more than its fair share of cyberattacks in recent times. In order to protect hard-pressed medical organisations from crippling incursions resulting from the growing connectedness of medical devices, several new specialist security firms are entering the market. The latest is a New-York based start-up called… Read more »


US indicts twelve Russian spooks

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Despite President Trump’s assurances that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election, the US Justice Department has launched criminal proceedings against twelve Russian military intelligence officers – three days before the recent Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki. The Russian officers stand accused of hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s… Read more »


US voter records laid bare

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A cybersecurity researcher has discovered that the personal records of many thousands of US voters have been exposed on the Internet, due to a security lapse by a political robocall company. RoboCent, a Virginia-based purveyor of computerised autodialers for delivering pre-recorded political messages, left a database of voters’ sensitive personal… Read more »


12 Billion Dollar Scam

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A public service announcement has been released as an update on the Business E-mail Compromise 12 Billion Dollar Scam that has targeted both businesses and individuals using wire transfer payments. This announcement includes new Internet Crime Complaint information along with updated statistics from between October 2013 and May 2018. Using… Read more »


Macy’s hit by data breach

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Macy’s, the iconic US retailer, and its sister department store Bloomingdales have suffered a data breach. While only a relatively small number of the store’s online customers are affected, the attackers have had access to their account passwords and user names for nearly two months. The breached data includes names,… Read more »


Ticketmaster scam tip of the iceberg

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It now seems that the recent Ticketmaster data theft is just one of many similar incursions. According to Californian cybersecurity company RiskIQ, this is part of a major card-skimming operation that could have compromised more than 800 e-commerce websites. Threat actors Magecart are using third-party suppliers of chatbots and other… Read more »


Facebook continues to share user data

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Despite agreeing in 2015 not to share users’ personal information with third parties, it now appears that Facebook made a few exceptions to this pledge – sixty-one, in fact. During the Congressional grilling of Mark Zuckerberg in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica furore, it emerged that the social network… Read more »


China ups its cyberwar on Taiwan

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China has been using cyberwarfare to undermine the Taiwanese government for some time. While recent attacks have been less numerous, they have become harder to detect and trace. The Chinese cyber army is using the attacks to undermine its independence-seeking offshore neighbour, increasingly utilising search engines such as Google to… Read more »