Pentagon to ramp up cyber security personnel

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Pentagon to ramp up cyber security personnelThe US Pentagon has announced an initiative to recruit tech savvy private individuals to help protect the US infrastructure against cyberattacks.

In the last few months, there have been a couple of high profile intrusions into US state systems including Russian hackers accessing President Obama’s private schedule. Since this intrusion, President Obama has prioritised cybersecurity. This move also comes against a backdrop of recent hacking attacks against other organisations including Sony, Home Depot and the government itself. In February, the White House announced the setting up of the Cyber Threat Intelligent Integration Center (CTIIC) which is to provide a cohesive strategy between the different agencies that support cybersecurity.

Hackers are looking to gain financially, disrupt commercial activity, compromise mass communication channels or acquire political information. By 2018, the US Department of Defense intends to have in place over 6,000 personnel drawn from both the military and civilian sectors so that it can withstand overwhelming attacks against its security systems and avoid a national crisis.

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