Personal data leaked from Department of Homeland Security

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Personal data leaked from Department of Homeland SecurityAn unidentified individual hacker has leaked a quantity of data relating to employees of the US government all located within the Department of Homeland Security, with a stark warning that the FBI is the next target on the list. The data was first sent to Motherboard, the well known technology site, which immediately sought to authenticate it by contacting individuals named on the list some of whom were high profile employees; the data seemed to check out. It next appeared on Cryptobin, where an attached note indicated that the hack was politically motivated.

The promised publication of data connected to individuals involved with the FBI has not yet materialised. However via Twitter, an account has appeared which appears linked to the hackers with recent posts referring to Jeremy Hammond, the computer hacker responsible for providing some of the data used by WikiLeaks. The US government has experienced an onslaught of cyber attacks in recent times originating from different sources – whilst some of these incidents have been perpetrated by individuals, many others have been traced back to groups of various affiliations including those with alleged foreign governments’ support.

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