Phone scams on sharp incline in last year

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Phone scams on sharp incline in last yearPhone scamming is on a sharp incline with thieves tricking unsuspecting victims out of a staggering £23.9m in the last year. That’s up over 300% on the previous year, which netted scammers £7m.

Financial Fraud Action, a group which runs fraud prevention for the financial services industry, thinks that almost 60% of the population has received questionable calls. The BBC reports that the main trick involves callers convincing victims that they are calling from a computer company, the police, or a bank. They then ask for personal information such as card details and pin numbers.

Adverts are appearing across the UK which give tips on how to spot the scams. Advice to customers includes being wary of calls from banks or police that ask for personal details or request that people transfer or withdraw money and cold-callers that ask you to call them back. If you are suspicious, wait for a few minutes and report the fraud on a separate line if possible.

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