Pokemon Go – the latest cyber crime craze

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Pokemon Go - the latest cyber crime crazePokemon Go has swept the world in recent weeks and cyber criminals have been quick to note the opportunities for exploitation. A new Android lockscreen malware called Pokemon GO Ultimate poses as an app for the game, infecting a victim’s phone immediately following installation and then locking the screen. Upon restarting their device, the programme then runs in the background, busily clicking on online porn ads. Available through Google Play, the app is a well-thought-out piece of malware as it changes its name and appearance once downloaded, making it easier for it to run unnoticed in the background.

And it is not the only fake app riding on the wave of Pokemon Go popularity. Two others deliver scareware ads and, depending on IP location, use scam ads and other bogus notifications, all with the ultimate aim of relieving users of their money. So while the dangers of traffic accidents and annoyed partners may not be threat enough to keep people from playing Pokemon Go, perhaps the threat of devices being infected by Pokemon-branded malware is. Maybe? Maybe not…

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