Presidential WiFi networks lack security

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Presidential WiFi networks lack securityDonald Trump has a whole lot on his plate, and it seems lack of basic cybersecurity is one of those things. The WiFi network at his favoured retreat and summit venue Mar-a-Lago in Florida has anything but the best or even greatest security in place. Researchers were able to pick up unencrypted signals from 800 feet away. Several other Trump properties were also found to have weak and unsecured WiFi networks, wireless printers, servers with outdated and vulnerable software and unencrypted login pages to back-end databases containing sensitive information.

Considering the president hosts many official meetings of highly sensitive nature at his private residences and retreats, this is a worrying discovery. Eavesdroppers could tune into affairs of state and meetings with foreign diplomats, even take control of the entire system and manipulate it.

The White House and Camp David together spent over $60m on maintaining their computer systems last year. In comparison, Trump’s Florida residence, dubbed the ‘Winter White House,’ spent just under $0.5m on security across the board – it isn’t clear how much of this went to cyber security.

A spokesperson for The Trump Organisation claimed that it follows cyber security best practice. So that’s alright, then.