Privacy complaint brought against LinkedIn

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Privacy complaint brought against LinkedInBehavioural advertising is becoming familiar to us all. Our email accounts and blogs we visit are littered with ads for items we’ve spookily just typed into emails to friends. Although most of the time it doesn’t work, it sometimes does and it’s this revenue that keeps online companies free. But a current class-action lawsuit brought against large social networking site, LinkedIn, raises interesting questions as to how far websites will be able to go to ascertain what products an individual might be interested in.

The case has been brought by Mr. Kevin Low who complained that LinkedIn knowingly provided his personal details to 3rd parties for the purposes of secretly collecting his browsing history and targeting advertising. Although many companies track our internet usage, we should, by law, be anonymous. In this instance, the history could allegedly be directly linked to an individual, which not only violates state and federal laws in the US, but also LinkedIn’s own privacy policy.

Whether we like it or not, this type of information is gathered about us all, all the time. And usually, it’s used to present products to us that we might actually be interested in rather than flooding our screens with things there’s no chance we’ll care about. With Facebook and others facing similar cases, however, it’ll be outcomes to cases like this that will determine the fate of online companies and behavioural advertising in the future.

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