Pupils hack teachers’ computers to alter grades

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iStock_000010623991XSmallCorona Del Mar High School, in Newport Beach is at the centre of a hacking scandal after eleven students have been expelled for allegedly hacking teachers’ computers and changing their grades.

Newport Beach police believe a private tutor 28-year-old Timothy Lai assisted the students in compromising school computers and manipulating grades.

According to court documents, the police were first made aware of the cheating scandal back in June last year when a science teacher, Kim Rapp, told school administrators that someone may have accessed her computer and changed grades.

In a statement to the police, one of the students alleges that he and Mr Lai had gone to the school late at night to place a keylogger on the computer of a chemistry teacher.

It is believed that the hardware keylogger was used to snoop on teachers’ log-in’s and password details with the stolen codes used to access information about forthcoming tests and to change grades in previous exams.

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