Quantum comms forging ahead

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Quantum comms forging aheadChina has decided to forge ahead in the cyber security race by launching a satellite into space in the coming months, specifically designed to securely transmit data. The concept was unveiled at a seminar in Shanghai and highlights China’s aspiration to become a world leader in quantum communication. This is a method by which data can be transmitted completely securely across large distances using – you guessed it – quantum physics.

The country has already been developing a quantum comms network connecting Shanghai and Beijing, and the satellite will be a further step towards eventually rolling out this technology to the wider public. Whilst this is an exciting step towards more efficient communication and data transfer, China’s express primary interest is aimed at protecting the country against unwelcome surveillance and cyber attacks.

Read the full story at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/china-launch-first-ever-quantum-communication-satellite-defence-against-hackers-1561868