Ransomware a rare(r) but potent threat

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Ransomware a rare(r) but potent threatA recent report by AV-Test states that despite the amount of airtime and articles devoted to ransomware, this particular type of malware only accounts for a small percentage of global cyberattacks.

Despite its relatively small share of the cybercrime market, the study by AV-Test, an independent organisation that evaluates antivirus and security suite software for Microsoft and Android operating systems, emphasises that ransomware’s file-encrypting antics make it a very potent threat.

Windows remains easily the most targeted system for malware attacks, but the number of malicious programmes targeting macOS rose by a staggering 270% in 2016. In comparison, Android’s threats ‘merely’ doubled last year. Overall, the report finds that, after the record-breaking statistics of 2015, there was a slight decline in the development of malware in 2016 – though that isn’t a cause for celebration as these lower figures also include WannaCry and Petya, two of the most potent pieces of ransomware to date.

Read more at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/07/04/avtest_malware_sitrep

Access the original report here: https://www.av-test.org/fileadmin/pdf/security_report/AV-TEST_Security_Report_2016-2017.pdf