RDPs going cheap on the dark web

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It is currently possible to buy a potentially lucrative Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on the dark web for as little as $3.00.  Anyone wishing to hack remotely into a compromised corporate computer can now purchase the relevant RDP on the Ultimate Anonymity Services (UAS) dark web market.

While the RDPs are available from almost every country around the world, UAS’s largest stock is from China, Brazil and India – possibly due to their less stringent remote connection monitoring security. Missing from the menu are Russia and its CIS friends – as local hacking etiquette dictates that they should not leave a mess on their own doorstep.

Windows PCs are particularly vulnerable, allowing anyone with the appropriate RDP to take control of an entire network without needing to deploy malware. It appears that UAS is undercutting the market to gain an increased foothold amongst the cybercriminal fraternity; as some of their competitors are selling RDPs for as much as $100 a pop.

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