Record-breaking year for breaches

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Image depicting data leak with running faucetThe first half of 2017 has already witnessed more data leaks and thefts than in the whole of the previous year. So far 1.9 billion records have been compromised since January 1st, up from 1.37 billion in the whole of 2016 – that means, on average, every day over 10 million records are swiped or exposed.

Figures from digital security company Gemalto’s “Breach Level Index” suggest that the US suffers by far the most data breaches and compromised records, with the UK a long way behind in second place. However, it’s likely that European numbers will soar once global data privacy regulations such as the UK’s Data Protection Bill and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into force next year.

In the UK 50% of the losses were attributed to outside attackers, with accidental loss accounting for 38%. Most of the remainder were from insider attacks. 65% involved identity theft. The principal targets were government organisations, followed by technology and healthcare.