Religious hackers attack French Euromillions website

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Religious hackers attack French Euromillions websiteThe French Euromillions website, operated by Francaise des Jeux (FDJ), recently fell victim to religious hackers after its homepage was replaced by a passage from the Koran condemning gambling. The verses call games of chance “works of the devil” that are intended to turn people away from God. The message appeared for the better part of a day and did not affect the Euromillions game directly, nor was any data lost or stolen. The FDJ said that no other websites were affected.

The attack is yet another example of hacking being used for ideological purposes rather than financial ones. Indeed, there is a definite trend towards attacks being undertaken on ideological, political and religious grounds and these will no doubt spell out the next wave in cybercrime, affecting businesses and governments alike.

Companies like the FDJ and any other business that operates a website should also be looking at their security practices and insurance policies. Although in this case the damage was relatively minimal, losing data and denial of service attacks can cost companies millions and many insurance policies do not make it clear whether ideologically motivated hack attacks fall under a policy’s terrorism exclusion or not. Ensuring clarity on this point, especially as these types of attacks become more common, is a must.

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CFC carves out hack attacks from its terrorism exclusion, making it clear that ideologically motivated hack attacks are covered. Click here to learn more about our cyber policy.