Rogue app briefly available on Google’s Play store

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Rogue app briefly available on Google's Play storeGoogle has recently discovered malware in its Play store which has been imitating the genuine app BatteryBot Pro, an app which monitors power consumption on Smartphones.

The rogue app gained access to the Smartphone functionality like any other app – by requesting permission to access phone functions. Once the permission was granted, the rogue app sent premium rate text messages with users unable to delete it. Google have stated that the fake app was removed from Google Play before anyone installed it.

The implications of this may have also extended into fraudulent revenue generation through “click fraud” – where online adverts are tricked into thinking a genuine user is clicking on them and therefore earning money for the attacker as part of a revenue-sharing agreement.

This serves as a reminder to everyone to remain vigilant when installing apps on phones, to back up data on your phone and keep it clear of overly sensitive information and also to delete old programs that are no longer being used.

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