Rogues’ gallery of cyber criminals announced

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Rogues’ gallery of cyber criminals announcedIB Times has produced a list of the top five hackers in 2016 – the most notorious players in the cybercrime arena whose battleground is spread across the financial, geo-political and technology sectors.

Unsurprisingly, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear – the Kremlin-backed hackers blamed for meddling in the US Presidential election – come out on top, followed closely by the mysterious hacker group dubbed Shadow Brokers who claimed responsibility for stealing and leaking cyber weapons belonging to the National Security Agency. Which we’re sure the NSA would rather forget about.

Next to feature is the group of unidentified cyber thieves that targeted banks in 2016, including the recent £2.5m hacking of Tesco Bank customers. Bringing up the rear in this hall of infamy are the ISIS hackers, who released a number of kill lists and cyber threats – though many of these are believed to be the bogus work of novice hackers (or script kiddies) looking to establish their credentials.