Russians may have reaped Facebook users’ data

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Facebook As in any good espionage story, the plot of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data mining scandal becomes thicker by the minute. It now seems possible that the details of the 87 million Facebook users harvested by the now-defunct British political consultancy could now be in the hands of the Russians.

Testifying to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, former CA employee turned whistle-blower Christopher Wylie revealed that Dr. Alexandr Kogan, the Moldovan-born Cambridge University lecturer who devised CA’s data collecting app, was a regular visitor to St Petersburg and Moscow; to cooperate on psychological profiling projects backed by the Russian government. While there, it would have been relatively easy for local agents to use a keylogger to steal the Facebook data from his laptop.

Two US senators, one a Democrat and one a Republican, are presenting a bill to Congress aimed at giving consumers more control over their personal data.