School fires IT admin, loses access to emails

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School fires IT admin, loses access to emailsFirst rule of HR etiquette – never fire your IT staff without making sure you can access your computer system without them. The American College of Education in Indiana neglected this elementary piece of tech logic when they dismissed their IT Administrator a while back.

After his departure, the college found it no longer had any employees with admin access to the Google email service used by the school. As a result, its students could not access their academic email accounts or their online coursework. As the administrator account was linked to the IT admin’s personal email address, Google decided it was unable to help. The school estimates this glitch in access has cost it around $500,000.

The resulting lawsuit and counter-suit has involved a number of complex issues, including racial discrimination in the workplace, and continues to rumble on. In the meantime, Google has relented and returned control of the school email service to the college.