Security experts investigate in-flight hacking claims

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Security experts investigate in-flight hacking claimsAn FBI search warrant states that a man has claimed he was able to hack into the on-board computer system on a passenger jet and control the plane from his seat.

Chris Roberts, a cybersecurity professional and industry expert in airline security systems, said that he took this action to enhance airline security by exposing vulnerabilities. He has previously been banned from another flight after claiming on Twitter that he could deploy the aircraft’s oxygen masks whilst the plane was airborne. A prolific offender, the FBI says that Roberts has exploited on-board flight entertainment systems on no less than fifteen occasions during the last four years.

Mr. Roberts, who is represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), has given an interview in Wired magazine in which he does elicit some detail about this attack although others in the cybersecurity network remain skeptical about his claims.

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