Small bakery suffers data breach

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Small bakery suffers data breachA small New England cafe chain believes hackers may have breached its payment system. The Works Bakery Cafe is in the process of telling customers that their data may be at risk after it discovered its point-of-sale computers had been infected. Advisen reports that the hack is part of a larger trend in data security.

Julie Conroy, senior analyst and fraud expert at Boston-based Aite Group said that cyberattacks are quickly becoming one of the greatest risks faced by smaller merchants. Although The Works is said to have had ample security in place and does not store payment data, it thinks hackers may have infected its computers with malicious software that steals card details when the card is swiped through a terminal reader.

The number of cards that were exposed during the breach is yet to be determined. The company has asked anyone who used a card in its shops between mid-January and February 1st to monitor their accounts and report any potential compromise to their banks.

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