Snapchat hit by hacker app

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smartphone photoSnapchat has been one of the leading sharing apps for iPhone and Android products since its release in 2011. The Snapchat app allows users to share videos and photographs that could not be saved by the recipient. Recipients would have a limited amount of time to view the image before it was deleted. However, a new app has been developed in the UK which allows users to discreetly save the message content.

The new app, dubbed ‘Snaphack’ overthrows the ‘self-destruct’ system of Snapchat and allow recipients to pass on or upload images to social media. Many of those using Snapchat are sharing private photo messages which they would not ordinarily share publicly via social media.

Snaphack was made by UK-based developer Darren Jones, who told the BBC:”Snapchat has not been in touch and I imagine it’s only a matter of time until they request that my app is removed…my app just proves and informs people that these apps exist and people need to be careful.”

Previous methods of saving or retrieving Snapchat images and video have been publicised. In August, another app known as Snap Save was distributed. However, users found that if they saved an image it would inform the sender they had done so. Snaphack is therefore the discreet version making security breaches undetectable.

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