Sony agrees to pay $8m for 2014 breach

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Sony agrees to pay $8m for 2014 breachMedia giant Sony has agreed to pay millions of dollars in compensation to their employees whose personal data was taken during a hack attack in 2014. The breach took place just before Sony’s release of the controversial film “The Interview” parodying the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his fictional demise. It is thought that North Korea was the source of the attack, a claim which has been denied by the country.

Sony employees filed a class action against the company on the basis of negligence for the loss of their personal data and the substantial figure which has been agreed by way of settlement reflects costs associated with additional monitoring of credit profiles and legal fees. Settlements of around $10,000 per person have been mooted and this is also for former employees who have also suffered losses.

In a statement, Sony has said that it has reviewed its security and is taking increased steps to protect data going forward. As for the controversial film, this was pulled from general release and was made available in a far more limited capacity via different media outlets.

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