Starbucks customers see accounts hacked through app

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Starbucks customers see accounts hacked through appStarbucks customers have recently come under attack from hackers. The problem lies in the company’s smartphone app, which allows customers to pay for food and beverages by automatically topping up the balance on the customer’s reward card with their credit and debit card details, which are stored by the company.

By stealing the rewards card account balance, the hackers are able to catch people out repeatedly through the top up feature if they are not aware. International Business Times reports, for example, that a woman in Orlando had her balance wiped off her account and then lost a further $100 after the card was auto-updated two more times before she noticed.

Starbucks has issued a statement explaining that they are working hard to investigate the issue. Some security experts believe the breach could be linked to other attacks, such as those at Target and Home Depot, because many customers use the same username and password across online services. Others believe it may be linked to a recent problem with the company’s in-store payment systems. Stay tuned.

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