Students beware of the Student Loans Company

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Students beware of the Student Loans CompanyAs the new academic year begins, students are looking to organise their finances. While there is plenty of genuine help on offer, the Student Loans Company is definitely one to avoid. This bogus lender is currently using a phishing scam to steer unsuspecting students to a hoax website with the aim of pilfering their identities and personal account details.

The emails inform the recipients that, because of incomplete information, their accounts have been suspended and requesting that they click on a link. The phony messages are relatively easy to spot, as they are littered with typos and spelling mistakes.

Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, is warning students not to click on links or open attachments that look suspicious, to be wary of disclosing personal data and to contact their bank if they think they’ve been scammed. With the current levels of student debt, you’d think there must be more lucrative targets out there.